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A new manufactured AR-180 style lower from NoDak Spud

The NDS-18S is a direct replacement for the factory AR-180B polymer lower receiver.

No more will you have to worry about breaking the serialized part with hard usage. Just transfer over your lower receiver parts.

Not only will the NDS-18S fit the "B" type uppers, it will also fit the original Costa Mesa, Howa, and Sterling uppers utilizing the dual pin recoil spring guide.

This will save your irreplaceable bolt hold open and other stamped parts, and give you the ability to use modern AR-15/M16 mags and a variety of stock styles.

(You will have to acquire "B" style FCG parts) See below


This receiver is made in house on our CNC's, machined from 7075 T6 511 billet aluminum, and finished in a black Type 3 Hard Coat anodizing.

Built for a lifetime of service, the NDS-18S is a rugged, versatile lower that gives you the modern modularity you want.

The rear of the receiver is set up to use the high quality stock adapters from Stormwerkz.




NDS-18S lower receiver

Price: $265 + shipping

Qty 2-5 $250 each + shipping

Status: in stock / ready to ship 




Canadian Customers please contact I Run Guns to purchase this product




Features of the NDS-18S

Takes standard AR-15 / M16 type mags

Rear mounting hole for stock hardware is threaded 5/16x18 (will accept Stormwerkz adapters)

Faux spot welds and external detailing mimics original sheet metal lowers for a cool Retro style

Made from 7075 T6 511 billet

Type 3 Hard Coat Anodizing

As an Homage to the designers, the serial prefix stands for:

Stoner, Miller, Sullivan, and Dorchester


Parts that are interchangeable with the AR-15:

hammer w/spring
trigger/disconnector w/springs
magazine catch assembly

front pivot pin w/detent and spring

pistol grip w/screw (models such as A1, A2, Tango Down, Troy CQB, etc)

Fire Control Group parts that are AR-180B specific:

selector lever

hammer/trigger pivot pins (they are longer)

bolt hold open w/pivot pin and e-clip

bolt hold open/safety selector torsion spring

Gunlab.net has manufactured these parts.

AR180S.com is currently offering them for sale.





Here's a video Rick from AR180S.com did on how to transfer parts from your "B" model lower to the NDS-18S

YouTube has taken down Rick's video


An excellent review of the NDS-18S by BurstReview